Health Insurance What’s the Definition of a Pre Existing Condition

A pre-existing condition relating to health insurance is defined as being an illness or condition that you have prior to applying for health insurance. A pre-existing condition may be as simple as a broken bone in your arm that has now formed arthritis or something as serious as Cancer, HIV, AIDS, or Diabetes. Most companies will ask if you have any pre-existing conditions before they will insure you. It is important that you are honest with the insurance company about pre-existing conditions. Having a pre-existing condition does not make you uninsurable as some may think.

Pre-existing conditions are handled in different ways according to the insurance company. The individual company will have stated in their policy information exactly how they handle pre-existing conditions. It is important that you read this information so that you know how to handle the situation. Here are a few ways pre-existing conditions may be handled.

The insurance policy may list pre-existing conditions as being an exclusion. This means that the insurance you are considering will not pay for any treatment relating to the condition you presently have. Any treatment for the existing condition will be denied and the bill will be returned to you for payment.

If the policy lists the pre-existing conditions as having a waiting period you will be able to use your insurance to cover treatment eventually but not until you’re waiting period is up. Waiting periods can range from six months up to two years. The six months or two years will be calculated from the effective date of your insurance policy. The more severe your pre-existing condition the longer you may have to wait for your coverage to take effect.

Some companies will charge a higher premium if you have a pre-existing condition. This means that the company can charge you more than the normal premium for your age. The higher premium will help cover the extra expenses of your care.

Companies can deny you cover for pre-existing conditions. If you are denied coverage from a company do not give up hope. Some companies are just not prepared to deal with large medical fees within the size of their business. Well known large companies have fewer denials than private smaller companies.

There are companies today that offer insurance to high-risk patients. You can find a company to ensure you. These high-risk companies do cost a great deal but will cover most of if not all of your care for your illness. These companies are equipped to deal with conditions of Cancer, HIV, AIDS, etc and may be a great choice if you have a serious health condition.

Most health insurance companies have a waiting period before covering items such as pregnancy. Pregnancy is treated with much of the same respects as a pre-existing condition. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant make sure you know these waiting periods that your policy will have.

If you have a pre-existing condition you are not doomed to not being able to obtain health insurance. Some companies may deny you based on your condition but there are companies that will accept you if you are agreeable to their policy on pre-existing conditions. Insurance may be more expensive for your pre-existing condition based on how severe they are. The search will end for insurance as soon as you get in touch with the correct company to ensure the conditions and needs you have.