Healthy Foods you can Save on at Costco

Costco has many different products on which you can save money.  Among these are healthier foods.  The following are some of the healthy foods you can save on at this popular shopping source.

Costco offers a great deal of fruit that they sell for much less than other stores.  They sell big bunches of bananas, which are cheaper than your typical grocery stores.  They will often have large containers of strawberries that are red, ripe and delicious for very competitive prices.  You might see a good deal on watermelons such as $3.99 for a nice sized fruit.  They will sell other fruits like blueberries and more.  You can buy prepackaged bags of sliced organic apples that come out to $1 a serving.  Selection and price vary by season.

In addition to fresh fruit, you can also save a great deal on frozen fruit at Costco.  For instance, they sell big packages of organic frozen blueberries.  You will often find mixtures of other fruits as well.  Although you  buy in big packages, because they are frozen they will last a long time.  They also sell many different types of dried fruits as well. 

Costco also has some great deals on various vegetables.  If you are going to be having a party, then you can get a vegetable tray that is both larger and cheaper than most grocery stores.  They offer many other vegetables including tomatoes and spring mix for very reasonable prices. 

Frozen vegetables are also on the menu at Costco.  You can find a big bag of organic mixed vegetables that includes corn, carrots, peas and more for much less than you would find at traditional grocers.  They also sell large bags of organic broccoli florets and other vegetables as well.

Costco now sells a lot of organic products.  You can often find organic 100% fruit juices for the children.  They typically sell organic brown rice.  You will find many such products intermixed with their regular items.

Costco also sells many whole grain items.  You can get very healthy wraps for use in sandwiches or even to use as a base for homemade pizza.  You will find healthier cereals among the many cereals that they offer. 

Just because you are saving money by purchasing at Costco does not mean that you cannot get healthy food.  The healthy foods they have vary by store as well as by season, so peruse your local store to see what might be available to you.