Healthy Summer Eating

If you are looking for a quick summer time meal that is healthy and delicious, try simply grilling some chicken or fish and chopping a bunch of fresh vegetables. If you have to coax your family to eat raw veggies try using different dip mixes to help make them more interesting. This is a great way to entice younger children to try different foods and eventually develop a taste for them.

Another great healthy summer time food is fruit smoothies. This is a good way to get your kids to eat more fruit. You can make them from fresh fruits or from a mix and they are so delicious your children will never know they are drinking something healthy. You can also chop fresh fruits and serve them with a dip mix also. Try blending some cream cheese, cool whip or sour cream, powdered sugar or honey and some almond extract, vanilla or any other flavor until its smooth and creamy. Your kids will down every piece of fruit in no time!

Fruits and vegetables are an extremely important part of our diets and teaching our kids to like them goes a long way toward a lifetime of healthy eating!