Help with Texas Dwi

If you are caught driving drunk in Texas it is likely you could find yourself being charged with a DWI. What most people don’t realize about the DWI process is that a qualified Texas DWI Attorney could potentially get your case expunged. This is the only way to have your DWI completely removed from your record.

When you get a DWI the process can seem very overwhelming. Everything happens quickly and you have many due dates that must be met to avoid further penalties. There is a good chance that your auto insurance company will deny you further coverage if you are charged with a DWI. This is another place that a DWI Attorney in Texas could dramatically help lessen the damage a DWI can cause.

Dealing with the DMV, your insurance company, the court systems – it can be a lot to manage. Make sure that you get every form in on time and be prompt for all court appearances. Driving drunk is unbelievably dangerous and Texas laws are getting even stricter to prevent drunk drivers from repeating their offense. Of course if your DWI is expunged from your record then you will not have to deal with any of the punishments now imbued on people arrested for a DWI in Texas.

Some of the main cities where DWI arrests are made in Texas are: Houston, Dallas, and San Antontio. If you get a DWI in Houston you’ll have to come back to Houston for your court date regardless of where in Texas you live. Getting a DWI in Dallas means having to appear in Dallas and if jailed, spent time in a Dallas prison.

Many people are surprised to find how easy it is to get a DWI, even when they think they haven’t had too much to drink. It is essential to remember that it is still dangerous to drive “buzzed” or impaired by alcohol. Especially at night this combined with lack of sleep and limited visibility can quickly lead to tragedy. The general rule is to stick to less than one beer an hour and after three beers you might want to stick-around where you current are and venture home in the morning – it’s much better to be safe than sorry!

Whether you get a DWI in Houston or a DWI in Dallas, contacting a qualified DWI lawyer in Texas can dramatically improve your case and your chance of getting your life back on track.