Home Owners Insurance Quote

Finding good home-owner’s insurance used to be a mind-boggling chore, requiring a telephone book, a pad of paper, and several days of effort. The thought of going through that process again in order to switch companies is enough to give most people the jitters. Thankfully, all things change. The process of switching your home-owner’s insurance policy is not only simple, but may be beneficial.

Home-owner’s insurance is a necessity to protect yourself and the largest single asset most people will ever own. It is also an expense. Most folks would rather keep paying the premium for a company they know than look for other options. But today’s market is competitive, and all companies are not equal. It is well worth your time to investigate.

One option is to check with your existing auto insurance agent. Discounts are often offered for having your home-owner’s insurance with the same company. The savings can be substantial.

Another option is to have companies come to you, rather than searching for them. Perform an Internet search for home-owner’s insurance. There are sites that allow you to submit one general information form for a home-owner’s insurance quote. They will submit your request to four or more companies, who will then contact you to complete your quote. Companies are competing for your business, and you will get the best rates they can offer.

Once you have several quotes, call your existing agent and ask for a policy review. If he wants to keep you as a customer, he may find ways to meet or beat your quotes. He may also point out options his company offers that you did not think about; extra options, lower deductibles, or other important features.

Remember that you are purchasing protection from accident and disaster. Check the companies you are considering for all their options. Review their service history. Check with the Better Business Bureau for problems. You want to compare apples to apples, so to speak. Now you have quotes from comparable companies, and can choose the lowest price between them.

When you have decided on a home-owner’s insurance quote that meets your needs, the agent will meet with you either over the phone or in person. Many will even come to your home at your convenience. He will get information on your property, outbuildings, and personal possessions; everything needed to protect what you own and how you use it. Prepay the first installment, and your policy will be considered in force that day, even if it takes several days to actually complete the process. The rest of the work is done by your agent, not by you. He will submit your information, take photographs of your home and property, and call you if more information is needed.

Reviewing your insurance needs annually is beneficial to your pocketbook and your peace of mind. Your needs may change year to year, and insurance company rates and options fluctuate frequently. Thanks to modern technology it is an easy and painless process, and one well worth doing.