Homeowners Claim


OK, I need advice on a homeowner’s claim.

During a windstorm, which crippled our entire city, my home caught fire.

I lost my home & contents.

(Q) Would the windstorm/loss of elec service city-wide (lost all fridge contents) be one claim & the fire a second claim?

I’m in a rental waiting a rebuild. My home had ORIGINAL beadboard, which the contractor says it’s too costly to replace and they will ONLY do drywall.

(Q) Aren’t I entitled to pre-fire stuff?

During my wait, my adjuster says they will no longer cover meals/food. I was in a hotel (with TWO Dogs!) for exactly a month, where they did help me with food. However, he says I am now in a home where I can cook, and they no longer assist me with that. I THOUGHT my policy said it covers housing and food throughout the time while my home is being rebuilt (but then again, I DO have some difficulty understanding things, and I’m probably mistaken)

(Q) Is this standard?

I am told to keep all reciepts for purchases of replacement items. A friend told me at the end of my ordeal, the ins co will cut me a check for my contents.

(Q) My adjuster is NOT giving me that impression and I am very confused, and buy used/discounted whenever possible, and am not really buying items that would be equal to what I lost. Do ins co’s differ in how they settle claims?

My adjuster said to keep my utilities on at my real home, as well as I need utilities at the rental.

(Q) So will the ins co pay the utilities at the rental home? (OK, my adjuster isn’t really into my questions and appears to be a bit put off by my ignorance)

I have things in my garage I cannot get to, due to the contractors filling my garage with stuff from my house.

(Q) Should the ins co cover replacement items (ie jack,oil filters, tools, creeper etc) so I can live as I “normally lived”?

My adjuster don’t seem to be concerned with my questions.

(Q) Does he have the final say so?

I’ve read that adjusters are “Independent” and not on the ins co’s side-or on my side.

(Q) His office is IN the same office as my insurance co. His business cards also has my ins co’s name, so am I up a creek?

I have some neuro/learning challenges and nobody to help me, and fear being taken advantage of.

(Q) Do most folks like me hire attorneys?

The contractor promises me the work won’t go over what my policy will allow. He has NOT put this in writing but says he will.

(Q) If it should, I may have to file bankruptcy, as I am disabled and living on less than $700.00 a month.

(Q) Lastly, are the “rules” for all insurance companies or does each company/state have their own?