Homeowners Insurance Safety Fire Storm Earthquake

There are many factors that can affect the rate of your homeowners insurance. These factors play a major role on the price you pay for homeowners insurance.

*Safety factors-The company will check to see how safe your home is. They will ask you if you have safety protection for your home. Most safety measures in the home are a plus for you in obtaining a good discount for your insurance. Some safety protection in the home may include alarm systems, dead bolt locks, window locks, smoke detectors, etc.

*The condition of your home-If your home is in new condition this will provide a good discount for you. Some things that the company will check for in the condition of your home is the roof, porch, and wiring of the home. If your home has problems with wiring then this raises concern for safety and you will pay a higher premium, or may obtain insurance until the wiring is repaired. This poses a fire hazard.

*The construction o your home- The insurance company will pay close attention to the type of home you have. If it is a brick home, you will be provided more of a discount compared to a mobile home. They check the type of home to see if it can resist wind damage.

*High risk areas-The insurance company checks the location of a home due to flood areas. Flood zones are high risk areas. Most homeowners do not cover for flood. This means you have to take out a flood insurance policy that will cover your home in case of flooding.

*Smokers-A smoker in the home will pose a fire hazard. If there are people in your home that smoke you will not receive a discount. Most insurance companies offer discounts to those who have smoker free homes.

*Amount of insurance needed-They offer many packages to choose from. Some packages may cover contents. Some packages will cover attached dwellings, or carports, and sheds. How much coverage you need plays an important role on the price you will pay.

*Loyalty-If you have bee a customer of the same company for a while you may be given a discount for a loyal customer.

*Senior-If you are a senior citizen, most insurance companies will offer you a discount.

There are advertisements of insurance that compete to give customer a good price quote. Some of these affordable insurance companies are: Geico, Progressive, US Agencies, State Farm, Allstate, etc. There are many to choose from and you can even go on-line to get instant quotes. You may also check the yellow pages for listings in your area. Protecting your home is a major asset. Insurance for your home is very important and you should not be without it. You cannot predict fires, earthquakes, storms, and floods. Get homeowners coverage before it is to late. The insurance companies will work to provide the best coverage for you and your family in case a disaster strikes. You will not regret purchasing coverage for your home. Also, these companies offer insurance for renters. Protect your contents and family.