Hope for Troubled Economy

In these troubled economic times it seems reasonable that those lucky enough to have a job might suffer a certain amount of job insecurity. That is to say, with the possibility of lay-offs and downsizing looming over us like an ever present cloud of doom.

It also seems understandable that those who have lost their job might by-pass insecurity and go straight to panic!

As understandable as this seems however, It is not the most empowering nor the most effective method we have of dealing with this kind of challenge.

In order to make full use of all our faculties when facing the kinds of challenges we face in the current economy, it is helpful to have some understanding of the workings of the human brain. So, if you will allow me this one brief preamble I will attempt to explain how we can best use these times to our ultimate advantage:

The brain is comprised of three parts. The first part is referred to as the “Reptilian brain” it is the instinctual part that is responsible for fight,flight and freeze. It is the part of our brain we share with reptiles.and it is the part we shift into when we become afraid.We also have the emotional brain and the cognitive “brain” which allows us to reason and think.

These “Three brains” are like the gears in the car, they each help us in the overall “job” of driving the car but you can only be in one gear at a time.If we are in our reptilian brain we are not in touch with our ability to think and we will not be able to access any feelings except fear. We are either thinking, feeling, or having an instinctual response.

Now, the reason this is poignant to our current economic crisis is that if we allow ourselves to become frightened we will be unable to think our way out of our dilemma.We will be unable to learn all that this experience can teach us. Things about getting out of debt, budgeting,and about what alternate skill set might generate income.Since the movie “the secret” many of you have become acquainted with the “Law of attraction” which is in operation as long as we are thinking, and which will attract to us all that is in alignment with what we are feeling. So I won’t waste much time on it here.

Suffice to say that this can really work against us if we are caught up in the “Reptilian brain” In other words not only are we unable to think our way out of the problem because we are not geared to our cognitive brain but we are in fact drawing more crisis to us with our fear and insecurity. But, the law of attraction is not the only universal law at our disposal: There is one called the “Law of polarity” which states that everything has an opposite, to everything there is an equal and opposite reaction .And, we can change the polarity of any thought we have by concentrating on it’s opposite.

Once we shift ourselves away from fear we regain access to our problem solving capacities.At which point all manor of things become available to us and we can emerge from financial challenges enriched, enlightened and improved.

The following is a list of things we might expect to come away with once fear has been by passed:

1) We learn to budget effectively

2) To redefine our “Marketable skills.”

3) We learn to surrender short term gratification for long term rewards.

4) Necessity is the mother of invention , We may start that business at long last, and that might even create work for others which in turn helps heal the economy.

5) we rise above fear and that in itself is the best thing we can do to help heal the economy.

The thing about fear is that it is highly contagious. People are afraid, so they stop buying anything. Which causes business owners to become afraid of loosing business ,so they lay off workers, which causes fear in all of their workers. Which causes them to look elsewhere for work ect.

We truly have nothing to fear but fear itself, truly.