Horror Stories of Child Abuse Parents as Criminals

It seems as though there have been several cases in the news recently regarding child abuse and neglect that you would more likely see in a horror movie. Cases such as a three-week-old baby cooked in the microwave, two children sent for a ride in a dryer, a one year old overdosing on vodka that was in her baby bottle, and the cases go on and on. What is happening to America’s youth? First and for most the parents are to blame, however the law is not aiding in preventing the abuse and neglect from taking place. The parents in the above mentioned cases did not have the “book thrown at them” they were not locked up and the key wasn’t thrown away. They had their day in court but at the time of their arrest they were not remanded they were given a disgustingly low bail amount and allowed to go free. One of them was even allowed to go back with the children he had just abused.

The courts clam that the prison system already has to many inmates as it is and the option of rehab should be considered first. Innocent and defenseless children are forced to be with their abusers because “there are too many parentless children living in foster homes”. The children are the ones paying the price for their parent’s crimes. Despite the believes that claim therapy will help these abusers to be cured, the abuse will continue behind closed doors and eventually that innocent and defenseless child will grow up only to follow in the abusive footsteps of their parents. They will do onto their children what their parents did onto them.

Stricter laws and consciences need to be put in place. The cost of building more prison facility will be re-paid over time. The children should be found new and loving homes for them. If none can be found than facilities should be setup to care for them. The children should never be allowed to return to the abusers. I am afraid that if the punishments for these crimes continue to be as lenient as they currently are the severity and frequency of these crimes will only increase. The negligence on behalf of the law will only fuel the negligence on behalf of the parents.