Hospital and Surgical Health Insurance Plans

A hospital and surgical medical plan is a type of insurance coverage that is available in many countries including New Zealand. One type of health plan that provides hospital and surgical coverage is the Hospital and Surgical base plan from Accuro Health Insurance. This type of health plan covers the cost of most types of hospital and surgical care required by a patient. The plan also offers discounts that can be used to reduce the amount paid for the premium.


The Health and Surgical plan provides coverage for general surgical procedures and certain types of oral surgery. General surgery coverage provides $300,000, per year, for private hospital costs, surgeon’s fees as well as tests and consultations. Oral surgery coverage consists of $300,000, per year, for the removal of cysts, tissue swelling and impacted teeth. Coverage is also provided for consultations, tests, and diagnostics that are pre and post operative.

Non-Surgical Care

Individuals that have the Health and Surgical base plan are also covered for non-surgical care. One type of non-surgical care that is available is for cancer treatments. Individuals that have been diagnosed with cancer receive $25,000 for each treatment up to a maximum of $65,000 per year. Qualifications for cancer treatments include the classification type of the individual. Classification types include A for urgent and B for curative, based on Ministry of Health guidelines.

Procedures and Treatments

The Health and Surgical plan provides coverage for major medical procedures and coverage for medical treatments outside of New Zealand. Major diagnostic procedures include MRI scans, CT scans and Angiograms regardless of the type of hospitalization. Treatments for medically necessary surgical procedures at an overseas hospital are covered up to $25,000 per year.


Many benefits are included with the Health and Surgical plan including dependents coverage, excess options and immediate coverage. Dependents on the plan are covered using child premium rates through age 25. Individuals can also choose an excess amount, similar to a deductible, that ranges from zero up to $4,000. Claims can be made immediately by individuals because there is no stand down or waiting period that applies.


The Hospital and Surgical plan provides three methods or discounts that can be used to reduce the premium amount that is paid. One discount that is available is when an individual maintains a healthy weight. A 15% discount is provided when an individual has a Body Mass Index or BMI range between 18.50 and 24.99. Individuals that do no smoke will receive an additional discount of 10%. A higher excess amount can be selected that will also lower the amount of the premium.