Hottest Trends to Make Money Fast

Due to these tough economic times brought about by the continuing global economic crisis, people look for alternative ways to earn extra income. However, one of the biggest problems encountered by people in search for those elusive streams of income is finding the right avenue and incorporating the most effective and efficient way to earn.

Hence, the following are some of the hottest trends on how to earn some extra income.

Making Money Online

The influx of the internet has opened the windows of opportunity to earn extra income. The good thing about internet money making ventures is that there are various ways to suit various skills. Anyone can earn through a lot of ways like writing articles, joining social networking sites, posting in forum, doing simple task, selling stuffs on internet marketplace, or even trying out products, clicking ads and reading e-mails.

Some internet money making ventures can also be a great source of continuous lifetime royalties and residual income. Popular sites for earning extra income online are written below.

I) Writing

a) Helium – pays upfront for articles written by starred writers. The upfront payment can range from $0.50 to $2.50. Apart from upfront payments, Helium also pays lifetime royalties that can be as much as $2-3 per article.

b) Associated Content – pays upfront payments, reportedly ranging from $3-20. They also incorporate a performance payment structure in their revenue-sharing model. However, the upfront payments are only limited to US-based writers.

c) Suite 101 – much has been said about Suite 101’s lucrative financial opportunities. However, Suite 101 writers are not allowed to disclose specific information regarding their earnings. However, conventional wisdom seems to suggest that it’s a cut above the rest.

II) Paid to do Task

a) Neobux – one of the pioneers in the paid-to-click industry. The big earnings here depend on the rent-a-referral schemes.

b) myLot – pays for every post and discussions started by its members. The pay ranges from 1-4 cents per post.

c) Survey Savvy – pays members to try out products or answer consumer surveys.

III) Multilevel Marketing

Another hot trend to earn extra income is by joining multilevel marketing firms. Basically, multilevel marketing structures are designed to share their revenues with their customers and are disguised as a business opportunity while in fact, they’re really marketing strategies.

Multilevel marketing can be lucrative for those people who have a huge network of friends and acquaintances to enlist in their downline. The popularity of these multilevel business opportunities comes with the fact that the earnings are limitless while the effort is minimal.