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Is it not fair that people who don’t work contribute to those who don’t? or Is it fair that American’s who can afford health care contribute their tax dollars to support those who don’t have the benefit?. My dad has repeatedly said to me “Son, life isn’t fair”.

For a brief moment I would love for you to disregard any cliches and sound bites of politicians. Let us consider ourselves as one of the most charitable countries in the world. In war, famine, natural catastrophes no one steps up to the plate more than the American people. We may not all agree on how much to contribute to worthy causes but when an event happens Americans overwhelmingly offer their financial support.

In 2005 when the tsunami hit Indonesia there was very little outcry about the slow and outdated weather warning systems that would have helped in lessening the death toll. Or the kidnapping and eventuallyselling of the orphan children left by the disaster. Instead we kept giving. Likewise, in the first Gulf War, most Americans supported our self engagement into a war that was to protect the oil of another country and according to the document, “The Conduct of the Persian Gulf War” giving to congress in April, 1992 which estimated the cost of the war at 61 billion dollars, 7 billion dollars from the U.S.. Though many of us did not contribute to the housing crisis,some are cringing at the though of helping those who did.

The idea that some would phrase the help to Americans who are losing their homestead as “bailout” is insensitive. Unless you were a vocal critique of the before mentioned incidents please excuse yourself from the rush to judge what is not fair to the request of Americans who need our help. Congress should always consider restrictions when giving away mass amounts of money to anyone. But it would not be compassionate to create restrictions to a group of people who have paid their taxes in years gone by and now appeal for help from the system they have contributed to.

There are some homeowners who have made many misjudgements and miscalculations when they purchased their home. Some have bought more house than they could afford. Some have found themselves in trouble after losing their once lucrative jobs. Many have loss values because of the greed on wall-street. Wisdom dictates that every circumstance be dealt with independently without making “denied” as an option for all of them. ” Bailing” them out may seem unfair, but leaving them is equitably unjust.