How a Large Family can Save Money

Larger families may need to find ways to make their dollars stretch further than smaller families. It may not be as hard as it seems by taking some of these steps.

Buy in bulk

Shopping at bulk stores such as Sam’s Club and Costco may not be such a great deal for couples and single people, but bulk buying makes a big difference for larger families. Many of the items offered at these stores are sold in large quantities that may not be possible for smaller families to use before they spoil or go stale. 

Larger families may also be able to save money by purchasing meat in larger quantities. Many times you can purchase a half  or quarter of a cow or pig for much less than purchasing at the grocery store or butcher shop.

Sales and coupons

It will be more important to research sale prices and use coupons to make your money go further. You may be able to save more by combining sale prices with coupons. Many times, stores run sales prices that correspond with coupons in the newspaper coupon inserts.

Thrift stores and hand-me downs

With several children it is likely that clothing and other items can be used from child to child. Especially baby and small child items that they grow out of quickly and are not worn much by each child.

Many items at thrift stores and consignment stores are either brand new or almost new. Most of the time people cannot tell they were not purchased in a retail store unless you tell them.

Cooking from scratch and gardening

A great way to save money is to grow your own vegetables and can or freeze the extras. For a smaller family it may not seem worth the time and effort to grow your own vegetables, but it may be worth the work for the money you can save to feed a larger family.

When you consider what it costs for a large family to dine out, the thought of cooking at home may seem like a better deal. Using a crock-pot makes it possible to prepare a home cooked meal with a little preparation time that is ready when you get home at the end of the day.

It costs larger families more money to purchase things they need so it is important to find ways to make their dollars go further.