How a Pre Existing Condition can Affect your Travel Insurance Policy

When you take out travel insurance you must declare any existing medical conditions at once . Some will have no effect on your policy , however some will . If you have an existing heart condition it may still be possible to take out travel insurance but at a higher premium . A lot will depend on your condition , it’s severity for example , and the chances of it reoccurring .

Insurance companies are a business and as such aim to make profits . They like to stack the odds in their favour and would not want everyone claiming . If there were lots of claims , insurance premiums would go through the roof .

When you declare a pre-existing condition your insurer will be able to advise you just how much impact it may have on your premium . It may be worth checking this before booking your holiday . The price could also be dependent on just where you are traveling to , as your destination could have an effect on your medical condition .

Be honest and ask for a quote . If the insurers want an extra 800 as you have a heart condition ( quite a realistic sum of money ) you may find that you cannot afford to holiday as long . In answer to the question , basically , your pre-existing condition could make you a high risk for making a claim and so you would be asked to pay more for this cover .