How being Recluse can be Beneficial and Yield Riches

Webster’s defines a recluse as someone who is removed from society by choice. An individual who lives in solitude, or who prefers life as a shut in. And while this definition isn’t exactly considered a healthy mark of an individual by society, there are a few advantages to being a shut in, shutting the world out and plenty of ways to get rich on top of it.

The Company You Keep

People generally surround themselves with people of like minds. If you are a chronic over spender, you are likely to surround yourself with other chronic over spenders. In contrast, if you are fantastically frugal, you are more likely to surround yourself with other individuals who wave their frugal flag highly. However, if you choose to be by yourself, in today’s society, you can still socialize using social media as your outlet. All the same, being a recluse can pay off, because what you aren’t spending is money you are saving.

Running Business from Afar

The internet offers a reclusive person plenty of opportunities to run a business or franchise from the comfort of his or her own home, meaning that you don’t have to go out and pound the pavement or do the 9 to 5 gig in order to be successful. Since reclusive folks don’t waste time over socializing and making small talk to boost business (they don’t need to), they have more time to devote to business and being successful, even from afar.

Saving Money

One of the most obvious benefits of being a recluse is not having to run all around town blowing money on dining out or heading out to the latest happy hour du jour. These simple savings can add up, especially since (according to a survey from the of Labor) the average family spends $2,698 a year on dining out, $2,669 on dining out and $457 on alcohol. That’s a grand total of $5,824 on frivolous spending that any recluse can save, compared to the average person. Even more than that, most reclusive people don’t require a car, gas or even car insurance, they can save even more than the average person.

Social Adaptability

Since so much of what the world has to offer today is readily available online, reclusive folks not only have an outlet, but the same financial resources as anyone else, giving your average recluse a leg up in several ways, at least, when compared to the run of the mill social butterfly.

Despite the fact that everything about being a recluse might not be sunshine and roses, there is no doubt that being a shut in comes with some serious financial advantages, and could pave a path to long-term wealth.