How Breaking the Law has become more Acceptable in Contemporary America

Peace upon you –

What follows is how, perhaps the Iraqi citizen gazes at the bombs that, perhaps, settle beside his little sister, his loving mother… even perhaps, his or her innocent gaze at the Creator. Peace be upon u. (Asalamu’alykum’ wa’ Rahmatullah’i ‘ wa’ Barakatu) – On you be peace, and the mercy of Allah.

To be clear, I will show, that David of Zion, the one who sang the Psalms is specifically referring to this when he, perhpas, sings this Psalm. Enjoy…!

Chapter 2

Why do nations conspire, and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against Allah and his anointed, saying, “let us burst their bonds asunder, and cast their cords from us”.

Allah who sits above the heavens laughs; ALLAH has them in derision (as objects of scorn). Then Allah will speak to them with wrath and terrify them with fury, saying (in English), “I have set my king (david) on Zion, my holy Hill.”

I will tell you of the decree of Al LLAh: who said to me (in English), “You are from me (to whom you will return, categorically), I have created you”. Ask of ME (Al-the-iLLAH-lord) and I will make the nations your (David’s) heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.

You shall break them with a rod of Iron (dear david), and dash them in pieces like a potters vessel.”

NOW, therefore O Kings (rulers among men, in Islam), be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth.

Serve Allah with fear, with trembling -> [what follows is unclear in both the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, this is a fact that scholars can talk about – (this is my limited rendition of what it could possibly mean, and therefore, please be very cautious in reading it, since Allah knows everything)] -> and kiss Allah’s feet (if, even), lest Allah be angry; and you perish in the way; for Allah’s wrath, is quickly kindled (is easily lit).

Blessed are all who take refuge in that entity [Allah – {English, has no word for Allah (Al = The, illah = the entity at the receiving end of all worship, together, Allah), so it becomes limited to a gendered expression of the creator, and, here David is saying, take refuge in, please pardon the gender “him” (that entity)].




This is fantastic food for thought. It would be, in the will of the merciful, quiet unlikely that someone would play with the hearts and minds of ordinary men. That George Bush think that “democracy” that too from the US of A, will subdue the Iraqi or American public, is perhaps, put lightly, a subtle lapse in judgement.

Put differently, David of the Psalms, is asking all rulers of men, the public relations industry, the… perhaps doctors who try to spin the truth etc. the BE WISE. Imagine that? Imagine the foresight? Um? I offer that to both you the reader, and myself, a citizen of this world, of my creator. I urge myself often to keep my urge from calling “Allah” my own. That is a question the people of Israel (which the US of A supplies with war plans and other WMD’s) to consider, and you the American public with eyes to read.

On a peaceful note, in Islam, the first words we are required to recite before we recite or read THE RECITAL (Qur’an) are the words, transliterated as ‘Awdu’billahi’ (I seek refuge in ALLAH, from) mina’shythaan nir’rajeem (Satan the rejected). This is done for various reasons, but the Quran, in it’s last Chapter, makes that clear. It is done so that, we avoid hearing the whispers of the “evil” one! Is that not a simple and nice solution?

Contrary to what the American Public is made to believe, the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, may the Allah reward him with peace, said in a popular narration, “SPREAD SALAAM (peace)”

To put things in perspective, we can break as many laws as we want. We can pursue as many hopes and joys we want to…, for me, it all comes down to the will of the Most Merciful [{more forgiving than words can describe, and of all things,} al’Ala (often translated in English as, the most High)].

I leave this for both law breakers and others, myself included, to consider.

Alykum’asalaam for now.
On you be peace, for now! 🙂