How Breaking the Law has become more Acceptable in Contemporary America

Contemporary America is now near the bottom of the slippery slope begun years ago by those who pushed the death of ‘absolute truth’ and a justification mentality. It began slowly many years ago, nearly undetected and grew to the point where almost all of us recognize the decline of morals and law-abiding in the United States and elsewhere. We have done away with moral constraints in many areas.

We used to consider abortion wrong, now millions of babies are aborted every day.

We used to consider it pre-marital sex wrong, now millions of people, starting at earlier ages every day, are treating sex as simply an activity to share with anyone you want.

We used to consider Marriage sacred. Now we have millions of couples living together, even religious couples, without a second thought. We have divorces and blended families overtaking those who are in long-term marriages that stay. We have people pushing for marriage for anything and everything instead of one man and one woman.

We used to consider homosexuality as an aberration. Now we have people not only defending it as a lifestyle, we have people pushing us to accept it and to keep our mouth shut if we don’t. We have politicians pushing hate-crimes laws that would make it illegal to say anything negative about homosexuality regardless of our religious beliefs and views or what the Bible says.

We used to think for ourselves and teach our children to think for themselves. Now our schools are so busy pushing proficiency tests and the misguided agendas of those pushing the above attitude changes that there is no time to teach them about the law.

We used to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance every day in school, proudly. Now we have parents suing because their children are forced’ to say the pledge in school. We have schools no longer requiring the pledge in school at all. When the pledge is said, students are allowed to talk instead of being required to show respect.

We used to honor our veterans. Now our veterans are used as political tools to promote political agendas. We have forgotten the price these men and women paid for our freedom to dishonor them.

We used to be overwhelmingly a Christian’ nation. Now Christianity is disdained and groups actually attempt to do away with religion at all. Groups are trying to get rid of all reminders of religion’ even though scriptures are all over federal buildings and our founders honored the Bible. Witchcraft and similar views are on the rise.

We used to respect the Bible. Now children are being taught that the Bible is a fairy tail’ with good moral lessons, but nothing they need to follow. We now can have a Bible any time we want to, as many as we want to, but its availability has made it less valued.

We used to punish lawbreakers and deport illegal aliens. Now we have politicians who blatantly skirt laws and push laws that favor their agendas over the nation’s good. We used to have politicians who were men and women of integrity, seeking to interpret the constitution instead of remake it.

We used to have standards of right and wrong, truth and untruth. Now everyone’s truth is supposed to be accepted. We’ve thrown out the Biblical and moral standards. We’ve done away with absolute truth.’ We’ve muddied the waters of right and wrong.

As our morals break down, our role models crack, our people turn from God, we allow disrespect of our country, and we continue to promote the idea that my truth is as good as your truth, the problem will continue. If our federal government doesn’t obey the law, if people no longer see certain issues as wrong, if we have no standards of good behavior, how then can we expect anything else than the rising acceptability of breaking the law and justifying our own behavior?