How can i get Free Products

Big businesses “think” that people are stupid. They count on the consumers to be blind to their tactics! It’s no wonder…have you ever noticed or heard someone say: “I am bad with names.” – “I am not good with math.” – “I am not good with spelling.” or other pitiful comments such as these? Plus, most humans are bad at handling their time, as well as their money, but that is a topic for a whole other article!

So, the big companies use the inadequacies that most people have, to take advantage of them! If this makes you mad…it should! It is time for YOU to fight back! When a manufacturer of consumable items wants to increase profits, they can simply put less of the product in the package, and most “people” are not smart enough to notice! I have seen candy bars that were 1.74 ounces get reduced to 1.47 ounces, and I would imagine that millions of people wouldn’t notice this slight and seemingly insignificant change. Notice that the company was brilliant enough to use the same digits…4 and 7…which is sheer genius. Meanwhile, each candy bar has been reduced by an approximate quarter of an ounce. This seems like “no big deal,” but multiplied by millions of candy bars, it translates to huge savings for the company!

To add insult to injury, they will sometimes have the unmitigated nerve to ALSO raise the price a few pennies. This is like a double “slap in the face” for those of us who are paying attention! Now, if your memory and math skills are not what they should be, then get yourself a calculator and a notebook, and keep track of what you’re buying and the price and weight of the packages. Then when you see changes…you write a “letter” with a STAMP in an ENVELOPE! Send the letter of complaint, to that company and inform them that you are not happy about the situation! They will probably send you a letter of apology, and possibly some money saving coupons and maybe even a certificate for some FREE product! If enough people did this, on a regular basis, then these companies would realize that they cannot keep “ripping us off,” by raising prices and lowering standards!

Have you ever heard, “The pen is mightier than the sword?” Well, it really is true! I write letters to big companies regularly…complaints will almost always get you a FREE replacement or gift of apology, and sometimes “letters of praise” will also get you a “gift.” By the way, letters in an envelope are much more effective than an e-mail! So, get busy writing!

Good Luck to YOU as you join us in the “fight” to stop the huge companies from continuing to give us less, and less, yet charge us more, and more! Many Blessings!