How Debt Affects your Emotional well being

Debt is a nasty four letter word. It creeps into your life like a virus that is out of control and the only cure is cutting back or cutting off depending on your circumstances. The effect debt has had in my life has caused too many nights of unrest, panic attacks and plain grumpiness to occur.

In honesty debt is something that is affecting my life right now, we bought a new house last year, a new car this year and carried a second mortgage up until August. To say that finances are a cause of emotional stress is to say the least. It has made both my husband and I to be grumpy, work longer hours and sleep less due to worry. To top it all off, just last week I was laid off from my job. I dare ask could it get worse? Yet, since I’m a dying bread of optimist I know we are still okay, and that we will get through this rough patch as long as we work together.

The sleepless nights and the worry will hopefully be gone in the next few years. We have started watching and listening to a show by Dave Ramsey. He has a financial show on both the radio and television. In January we will begin his steps to resolve our financial issues. Together we can get through this by paying off our debts and living a better life for us and our children.

One of the things we noticed while watching this show and looking at our finances is we rob Peter to pay Paul too much. We have no savings and we have extended ourselves out to the max. When you do these things, it makes you do stuff you wouldn’t typically do like work a ton of overtime, keep jobs that you hate and be less patient with your spouse and children. We want to put an end to these negative things.

Cutting debt will hopefully bring us closer together. I know what a good nights sleep does for my well being so I’m sure taking some of the pressure off will do the same. Your more patient with people, available to their needs and willing to help if your not worried all the time. In the end, reducing our debt will increase our emotional well being and our family structure.

Not that getting rid of our debt will be easy but it has to be easier than struggling and worrying day in and day out. Cutting back on things should be easier than seeing your bank account in the negative when you check the balance. Buying less will be easier than seeing the credit card statement when it comes in the mail. Eating your lunch from home sure tastes a lot sweeter when you know you have the money if you chose to eat out, instead of eating it because you have no other choice.

Debt has been a creature in the night taking away precious things like family time, self esteem and peace of mind. No longer will we allow this to happen, no longer will we be in a boat that is sinking. It is now time to change our way of thinking and plug the hole.