How do i Request a Refund in Writing

There are many different paths to requesting a refund for a product or service. Most common are in-person, on the phone, or written. Writing a letter is more direct and simple and offers an excellent chance of getting results.

If possible, write the letter on your computer so that there is no confusion about handwritten details. The letter should have your return address (along with phone number and e-mail address if appropriate), the address of the recipient and the date at the top of the paper. Following that is a subject line that details the content of the letter, such as ‘Request for Refund’. This will let the addressee know where the letter is headed.

Begin the letter by outlining the details, and terms if applicable, of the purchase, whether a product or service. If possible, include a clear photocopy of the purchase receipt. This will give the person to whom the letter is written a clear idea of what happened surrounding the purchase.

Next, explain why the product or service is not acceptable. Is it defective? Was it damaged in shipment? Does it not perform as intended, based on the sales literature or website? Be as clear and concise as possible but fill in any pertinent details. It is beneficial to be direct, factual and unemotional in this part of the presentation.

Finally, explain why you believe a refund is in order. Perhaps you misunderstood the brochure; perhaps the item arrived broken; perhaps the service could not be delivered as agreed. Remember, it is far easier to get the person to see your side of the issue without getting personal and without blaming any one person.

The final part of the letter should outline your desire for a refund, in a firm but friendly manner. Take the time to thank the person, in advance, for their assistance in getting this matter resolved. It is also important to set a time-line, not as a threat but let them know your expectations. An effective example might be “I know you must be very busy. If I haven’t heard from you in two weeks (or by the end of the month, whatever you believe is appropriate), I’ll give you a call to find out when to expect my refund”.

Finalize the letter with a cordial closing and sign your full name.

Your letter is ready to go. If done in a firm but cordial manner, there is nothing to do but sit back and wait for your refund.