How Financial Problems can Lead to Trouble in Marriage

An old adage says that all things in life are for free. Certainly, money is not the main source of true happiness especially in an intimate relationship such as marriage. Nevertheless, having money makes life comfortable and easy and the reality is we all wish to live such luxurious life. Lack of money could ruin a budding relationship or in some cases breed huge financial troubles that could put an end to a once happy married life.

Some of the glaring financial troubles that can ruin a marriage are as follows.

Huge Debts

It’s normal for a household to have a rationale amount of debt but having an inexplicably huge debt can destroy your relationship. In fact it can even affect your sanity. Being unable to pay major debts like car and home mortgages can result into disaster in a relationship. Normally, we look for a person who can provide us not just with love and affection but as well as the comforts and luxuries of life.

If you are in huge debt and your liabilities outweigh your assets, it won’t be surprising if your partner will leave you sooner or later.


The general perception is that women spend way more than men and based on my personal experiences in my past relationships (I haven’t been married however,) women are more care-free in spending. They spend on trivial stuff and most don’t stick on their budget. However, in some cases, men are pretty much obsessed with finer things in life. That’s why the term “toys for the big boys” came into fruition.

Bottom line is both men and women can spend huge amounts on things which are not that necessary. Thus, overspending can ruin a relationship in a way that it makes both partners broke, resulting into arguments and fights in which the man blames the woman and the woman pinpoints the man.

Hence, below are some of the things couples could do in order to fix financial troubles and allow their marriage to stay afloat.


Communication is one of the most underrated solutions in a relationship problem. In order to solve a problem, you must first address the problem to your partner. With all honesty, tell him/her of the financial problems you’re going to.

Set Goals

Setting goals is another great way to solve your financial woes. As a couple, you must create goals such as budgets and other necessary plans that will ensure that the financial troubles can be solved and the marriage will stay afloat.

Act as One

Acting as one means that both you and your partner must have an equal say especially in deciding on things that can make a huge impact in your household’s financial health. Such key decisions include buying a home, purchasing a car and choosing a school for your child.