How going Green can Save you Money

“Going green” is a widely talked about issue in today’s day and age. The idea of “going green” first emerged as a potential method of combating global warming and saving our dying planet earth. However, going green actually has a much more practical and beneficial promise to the user that follows it: the promise to save them money. It is a simple fact that going green can indeed save you money in countless ways. Here is a guide with some tips that will tell you how you can save money by going green.

Saving money on your electricity bill

Perhaps the most obvious way that going green can save you money is on your electricity bill. Electricity is a fossil fuel that is rapidly running out. Electricity is also not cheap to run. Everything uses electricity these days from lights and appliances all the way to computers and smartphone chargers. By going green, you can save an astonishing amount of money on your electricity bill. Simple things such as switching your PC off when not in use, unplugging smartphone chargers and laptop chargers and even turning the TV and DVD players off at the wall rather than leaving them on standby can save you a small fortune on your electricity bill. Another money saving method of going green which is rapidly growing in popularity is by switching to solar powered lights.

Saving you money on your car maintenance costs

Another money saving method commonly associated with going green is a massively reduced car maintenance cost. If you scrap the automobile in favor of either cycling to and from work or from A to B, you will not only be aiding your health and fitness, but you will be saving pocketfuls of money each and every time you do so. These days, there are cycling routes that can even take you to your holidays so this is a green money saving method well worth looking into. Opting for public transport can also save you money and contributes to going green by taking one more motor off the road. It will save you money simply because public transport is cheaper than getting from A to B in a car, and you can save even more money by opting for a bus pass or travel card.

Other ways that going green can save you money

You entire house can run on solar energy these days. A solar panel installation, while it will set you back a fair bit of cash, is a worthwhile investment as it will pay itself off in the long run. This is a method of going green that is tried and tested for success. Solar lamps can be bought incredibly cheap too and they will save you money each and every day. Switching the hot tap off when not in use and opting for showers instead of baths, or even re-using bath water for the family are all great ways of “going green” and saving money too as your gas boiler will not be working over time and will therefore save you money, and fossil fuels in the process.

These days, “going green” is a massive money saver simply because people cannot afford to go about their daily routines like they could ten or fifteen years ago. Going green will not only contribute to saving the planet, but it will contribute to saving you those hard earned dollars which can then be saved towards a luxurious family holiday or even a further “green investment” such as solar panels. The guide above will feature some of the most prominent money saving tips associated with going green; use them to your advantage to help you save money in the midst of saving the planet in 2012 and beyond.