How going Green can Save you Money

The words “going green” are indeed a media darling buzz phrase, but what exactly does going green mean? For many consumers, going green means adding solar panels to their home, buying a hybrid or using recycled shopping bags – all admirable ways to minimize a carbon footprint. However, there are some compelling concepts aligned with the “green” movement that don’t include expensive upgrades and purchases that actually save you some green in the process.

Carpool and public transportation

Think about what you spend each week on gas. Then, think about how much you could save by carpooling a few days out of the week or by using public transportation. Find some folks that work near your home and office and set up a carpool. Not only will you pocket some extra gas money, but you’ll have less wear and tear on your car all while doing something healthy for the environment.

If you’re the shy type, many department of transportation offices list established carpooling groups and their pickup and drop off locations. These websites also provide information regarding local public transit systems – another powerful technique for living green and saving green in the process. Visit your public transportation department website for available options in your area.


Having a garden not only saves beau coups of money on produce, but it is also beneficial for the environment and your body. You will have truly organic eats at a fraction of the grocery store price, and you are doing something positive for your body by getting outdoors to garden, weed and water.

Energy Audit

The majority of the air in your home escapes through little nooks and crannies; and it all equals more money on your power bill. By doing a home energy audit and simply caulking and sealing these small areas, you could save hundreds of dollars per year on your energy costs, and reduce consumption on the local power grid, making it a win/win.

Make your own cleaning products

Not only are cleaning products a leading cause of indoor pollution, but the process that goes into making them is harmful to our environment. There are hundreds of websites offering instructions on making your own non-toxic, earth friendly cleaners. This benefits your body and your wallet by hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars per year.

Green Home

Going green in your home does not mean you have to run out and buy – or finance – expensive solar panels. In fact, there are green home solutions available at a fraction of the cost, and all save you money in the end. Radiant barriers in the attic lower temperatures by 20 degrees on average, thereby reducing your electricity bill. Solar attic fans and solar hot water heaters are excellent ways to save money and save the planet, and both come with a low cost of purchase and installation. Solar window screens block out harmful U/V rays, and can even extend the life of your carpet and furniture because it protects them from sun bleaching, saving you money on your energy bill now, but even more money on replacement items later.

Going green doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. Making small changes now saves you big money later.