How Good People are Hurt by Sex Offender Laws

To those who lay claim that the current sex offender laws are just and necessary to protect us from the evil-doers in this world my reply is simply this…Seriously? As someone who has seen the effects these laws have on good, decent people I cannot stomach such remarks. As such I have decided to start my own crusade…the pursuit of truth, decency, and a call to action.

I have heard it said that those donning the label of a sexual offender who in their youthful vigor engaged in sexual relations with a girlfriend considered underage are exceptions to the rule. As are those convicted of urinating in public for whatever reason befell them at that moment in time and other non-threatening behavior. It is true, they are exceptions to the rule but unfortunately they are not in the minority any longer.

The labeling of sex offenders has gone too far. I became quite alarmed when I witnessed that there were more good people who had made simple, low-risk mistakes in their life labeled as sexual predators than actual sexual predators! What in God’s name are we doing to ourselves, to our communities, to our society, and to our children? Now we want to make ‘sexting’ a sexual offense! Seriously?

So let me get this straight…branding someone with a Scarlet letter despite the seriousness of their crime of the risk factor of a repeat offense and allowing them to be targeted for round up like cattle at the discretion of the police is not considered discrimination? Seriously?

So let me get this straight…placing these so called offender’s names, faces, and addresses on a public forum for public scrutiny singled out as a particular group does not violate their rights under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and subject them to undue dangers? Seriously?

You are telling me that privacy rights are not being violated here. Seriously? It is a clear example of defamation of character especially for those that have served their designated time within the jail or prison system. It is so difficult for me to stomach let alone comprehend how the court system and the public can truly justify such actions even under the ruse of ‘protecting the children.’ Why are we not focusing on punishing and eliminating the truly monstrous threats that are quite obvious rather than lumping all of those individuals charged with a sexual offense into one chaotic group regardless of risk factor or threat?

The Adam Walsh Act proclaims to categorize individuals and place them into tiers but it falls far far too short of such an action. It gives us a false sense of hope and fairness. This is causing our children and communities to be put in greater harm. It provides us with a false sense of protection and safety. Not only are we doing a grave injustice to those labeled as sex offenders who are not even remotely close to posing a danger to anyone but to our children and communities as well. It is time to wake up and open our eyes to the absurd reality that is engulfing us before it is too late.

I am a huge supporter of protecting our children, our communities, our society, and our country but we have the ability to do so without violating the civil rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States. These draconian and ineffective laws must be reformed immediately. Where does it end? Where do we draw the line? Too many good people are suffering unjustly due to corruption and ineffectual practices.

As it is I am extremely hesitant to lend aid to a child that I see may be in need. In fact I tend to avoid children altogether if at all possible. I am not a sex offender and am, in fact, a woman. I should be able to act upon my nurturing nature and seek to protect a child that I see may be in harm’s way. But I refuse to do so if it in anyway threatens my freedom. So who is truly suffering?