How having a Lot of Money can cause Stress

Having no cash to pay the household bills can be stressful but having a lot of money can cause stress too. How many times have we heard people proclaiming that if they won the lottery life would be perfect. Balancing personal finances can be difficult at the best of times, a shortage of ready money can mean that Peter has to be robbed to pay Paul. It may seem bizarre but the whole challenge of keeping a bank account in the black can be seen as a personal goal. Life is full of aims and achieving an objective is fulfilling.

If the bank statement was delivered and the balance showed a huge credit rather than a debit, are we supposed to assume that it would bring instant happiness? In the grand scale of things people with vast fortunes live in large houses. The smaller home that has been bought using a mortgage is no longer in keeping with the lifestyle of a wealthy person, therefore it is quite possible that a home move is on the cards. The familiar and comfortable family home on the estate where many friends and family live is sold and replaced with a much more expensive and grander house.

Leaving the people who mean the most can be emotionally unsettling. Whereas once it was acceptable to call in unannounced upon friends and neighbours residents of the new area do not welcome this. In past times the only way to finance a new car was to go cap in hand to the bank manager who may or may not authorise a personal loan. The large car that now sits in the drive is bought and paid for and it may well be the envy of family and friends that have been left behind. Wealth may bring possessions but it could drive a wedge between the past and the present.

Savings accounts and small investments were always classed as essential. Now that the bank manager is practically a personal friend there is no impetus to save small amounts of cash. Within a normal family unit the children are encouraged to save their pocket money to buy the things that they want. Many parents with a massive bank balance probably ensure that the kids have far more than they will ever need and this in turn can lead to jealousy and bad feelings between school friends.

Having a lot of money can cause stress. On the other hand there are some people who handle the pressure well. It is important to keep things in perspective.