How i Fell into a Scam and how you can Avoid it

Scams have been around for a long time. Since value was attributed to items, people have been trying to steal or swindle them from one another. Rip-off schemes have been as simple as selling an item by misrepresenting it, to complex Internet systems. One such Internet trick caught me hook line and sinker. I am a better person because of it, and perhaps my experience will keep you from any harm as a result of this scam.

I have an account through Paypal, as many people now do. I received an email from Paypal at my registered email account. This message informed me that a new email and mailing address had been added to my Paypal account. It went on further to state that they needed to verify whether I wanted this new information added. It gave me a form to fill out. Of course I did not want anyone to add this information and take advantage of me by using my account. I was to fill in my login name and password in a section of this account. The email and form had Paypal’s logo and appeared to actually be official, so I thought. I completed the form, including my password. Several weeks later, I received my credit card statement, the card that my Paypal account drew from. There were several charges on the account equalling over twelve thousand dollars. I could not believe it.

I contacted Paypal, and was able to resolve the situation. They were very friendly and helpful. I had to sign an affidavit indicating that I had been a victim of fraud, and that the charges incurred were not mine. Other than a bit of inconvenience the matter was solved.

My warning to all. Do not fill out any information sent to you via email that might include your password or login name. I have seen them for many different companies, including eBay and credit card companies. Go to the website, and perform any activities necessary there. The emails appear authentic, and will even include logos and normal company information. Do not fall for them, and become a victim like I was, go to the website.