How i Fell into a Scam and how you can Avoid it

In today’s world scams are everywhere. You can’t sit at home peacefully without the phone ringing and some jabroni on the other line sees you as lunch. I fell into this trap by one company: America’s Choice Readers Service. This company tricks you into signing up for there magazine service, whether they claim to know it or not, by tricking people. They hire fast-talking telemarketers to call you and claim that this offer that they give you is refunded within 30 days of purchase. Then, when and if, you cancel they claim that you had 3 days only to cancel. Now you’re stuck in a verbal contract and that’s binding so I had to send it to a consolidation company, don’t let this happen to you!
My information was sold or given out by one of my credit card companies and this telemarketer made himself out to be from the credit card company offering me a great deal because I was trying to keep my credit in good standing. Now at the time I was trying extremely hard to put myself in better shape with credit because money and credit score meant the world to me then so I listened. I was searching for a break and I thought that I had it. A full year of shopping on this weird website that has pretty much nothing, I found out later, and I would only have to pay shipping and nothing else, no matter what I got. That was awesome in my eyes because I needed some things at that time. I called 10 or so day’s later saying that it wasn’t such a hot idea and I would like to cancel, since I had 30 days no problem right? Wrong. “No, sir said the lady, you only had 3 days” Yeah, I was mad. I was scammed this thing company into this deal and now I am reaping my reward… nothing! I throw away the magazines they send me and haven’t renewed some.
Now, I checked on better business bureau for this company and they have an interesting standing with them. They have over a hundred of the same complaint and only less than half of which have been resolved. The company to this day, according to that website from bbb anyway, has ignored the request to handle the other complaints. I must have filed over 50 or so complaints with this company, probably most unrecorded and dismissed. I would hate to see anyone go through this agony and frustration. My walls and hands do not like me very much since this company scammed me. Please, just hang up the phone on them, tell them to go away and take you off the list and do not let them fast talk you. This company, America’s Choice Readers Service, or, is a scamming company. Multi-million dollar company, someone said, yeah but I ask, at what cost? The declining credit of America… that’s the cost that we all have to deal with.