How Important is Good Credit

Do you think that good credit is not an important asset? I have a friend that thought that very thing. Suddenly, not to long ago, reality slapped him in the face. His credit score was so bad that he could not get financed for a car! His lease was up and he tried to get another car, unfortunately, he was denied at every place he attempted.

You may be thinking that he did not look hard enough or was trying to get too expensive of a car. You may be correct, however, the point is that something like buying a car should be an enjoyable experience. Buying a car should not be an industrial pain that consumes one week of your life!

The sad truth about credit is that good credit is hard to get and bad credit is easy to get. If you have bad credit, you need to start today if you want to fix it. If you look at your credit report, you will see that negative information (such as late payments, charge-offs, etc) can stay on your credit report for years!

My buddy could not get financing for a $25,000 car. Could you imagine if he tried to get financed for a big purchase, like a house? That is too scary for me to imagine! Take care of your credit and you will be one step closer to financial freedom.