How Newlyweds should Set up their Finances

Money trouble is the black cat of a relationship; when the charcoal-colored feline crosses your path, you’re already in pretty deep. You need a plan to organize your finances. Full-fledged trust issues arise from poorly thought-out ideas. These rules will guide you in you toward a workable arrangement with your partner.

Rule # 1: Does your partner believes that marrying you entitles them to your assets? If so, he or she wants your money. Nowhere in the King James’s Bible, Talmud, or Qur’an does it say your sacred covenant entitles someone to half your things. If your spouse has not been able to save money on their own, they’re not going to suddenly become a great money manager! Do not expect deeply-rooted habits to change overnight.

Only agree to share your wealth when her or she has worked hard enough to know a dollar’s value. The best way to prove financial sense is to demonstrate financial sense. This author heard, “Don’t you love me,” and “Don’t you trust me?” until he caved. The thought of that craven manipulation happening again is sickening.

Rule # 2: Just get a prenuptial agreement. Why wouldn’t you save yourself the pain of marital squabble? Also, why would you give someone financial incentive to leave you? If your harpy is going to flee the nest make her struggle. If your man wants to run make him sleep out of a box.

Rule # 3: Bone up on the laws regarding divorce/separation. It is distinctly possible that your partner can forge checks, break into your accounts, and ruin your credit with impunity. There’s nothing so special about your particular sweetie, making them immune to natural, human greed. The line between an angel and a devil is pretty thin.

Rule # 4: Talk to a financial counselor. You can gauge your spouse’s capabilities with money. If they can’t or won’t plan, make arguments or decisions based purely on emotion/unhealthy desires, or don’t respect your decisions it’s a non-starter.

Rule # 5: Does your partner have an unhealthy psychological history? Tread cautiously. Anxiety and other mental conditions don’t lend themselves to healthy decision making.

More and more people are choosing cohabitation as an alternative to marriage, and this is a principled approach. If you insist on marriage use your common sense! Someone that smells like a rat probably likes cheese and has a big tail too!