How Retirees can Cut Home Heating Costs

Economies at any age are important, not just to the individual, but to the state of the world, though pensioners get the rough end of the stick. They don’t have the kind of money it takes to pay huge bills, and although in many countries, heat allowances are made towards the cost of old aged pensioners heating bills, there are some things that they can do themselves to help reduce costs.

Often older people live in much larger houses than they need to, because it was the family home. Thinking about downsizing is a good idea not just from the point of view of heating bills, but because it will inevitably make the retiree’s life much simpler.

If the pensioner lives in a large house, cutting down on the amount of rooms used in the winter months helps, although it is important to air the other rooms from time to time to keep them fresh. Using a smaller living room, and certainly changing bedrooms for a smaller one that is easier to heat is a great way of making savings. Hot water bottles, and thicker bedclothes also help alleviate the need for too much heating.

Heating is essential for older folk, and keeping yourself warm is part of healthy living, although there are user friendly options for heat which can save money. For example, the use of a wood burner can dramatically cut down the cost of central heating, as the thermostat will only cut in when the room temperature goes below a certain heat. Having the thermostat placed in the room where you spend your time will also help because it is the temperature of that room which concerns you, and if you have it placed in a draughty position, the heating will come on unnecessarily and cost you more.

Be warm, be safe, be wise.