How Speeding Tickets Affect your Car Insurance Rates

Being issued a speeding ticket is not a good thing at all, the individuals driving records will be tarnished for some good years because of this cause. And one should try an avoid by all means being issued with a speeding ticket. Even Speeding tickets that are minor can have some serious implications on ones insurance and driving record for years ahead. A speeding ticket will affect ones car insurance rates in the following ways.

Extra Monthly Payments- When one has an auto insurance which they are probably paying for too much and then they get a speeding ticket this may mean an individual having to pay an extra $ 25-$ 100 a month. It all depends on the offense committed and the penalty attached to the offense, but a minor speeding ticket may raise ones rates by a few dollars. If one is issued three speeding tickets in two years then there insurance rates will definitely go higher. While for others it may just take one serious traffic offense to see a major rise in their insurance rates. If an individual was charged with a DUI (Driving under the influence) then they should expect to see about a 25% increment in their insurance rate. In some cases the insurance company may decide to drop the client from their coverage.

Another a speeding ticket will affect ones car insurance rates is by the individual having to pay for a high fee like $ 100, this will cause some turbulence in ones insurance rates and cause them to pay much higher than expected. Getting a speed ticket will also cost the individual various trips the traffic court and waste time when spent at the hearing times to answer charges. It is wiser to avoid getting a speeding ticket at all costs and stay clear from trouble.

When one is issued a speeding ticket there are chances that the insurance company will charge the individual for the coverage especially in cases where there are many speeding tickets issued to the individual. The more an individual is issued with speeding tickets the higher rates for the insurance that they will have to pay. With a bad record for an individual who has been issued with speeding tickets the lower the chances for them to be able to get auto insurance coverage. The insurance companies will want to avoid to cover such an individual because of the blemishes accrued on the individuals driving records.