How the Internet can Empower Consumers

The Internet is a great piece of technology and it has allowed people all around the world to become empowered. The Arab Spring showed the power of the Internet and how it could even help people topple oppressive governments. It gives people a voice and allows everyone to share in what the world has to offer. 

The Internet has allowed consumers to do a better job at researching before they buy. It used to be that you went to a car dealership and you had almost no clue what you were going to pay. Today, you can just go to and see the Kelley Blue Book value on a car, or go to for a good idea as to what you will pay.

A consumer can have a product shipped to their home without even having to go out. This is great around the holiday times when you don’t want to have to deal with a mall crowd just to get a couple of things. Your gifts can even be wrapped and ready to go without having to worry about that either. Talk about saving some stress and feeling in control.

Coupons are readily available on the Internet. Sites like Groupon are offering deals everyday, and other coupon sites offer manufacturers coupons on hundreds of products everyday. No more clipping coupons, you just get what you are looking for and then print it out. It is much easier to save money these days without having to spend so much time clipping coupons.

Consumers aren’t pressured to make a purchase decision when they are online. They can take as much time as they want to make a decision without a salesperson present. A consumer can go through all the color choices, figure out how much they want to spend, or simply decide that there is nothing that they like. There is no one telling you to get out or talking up the great deal that is being offered to you.

The Internet is a great tool that offers so much to people all around the world. There isn’t too much that you cannot do on the Internet so it isn’t a shock that consumers would find great ways to increase choice and save money. Knowledge is power when making a decision with money, so having all the information in front of you is never a bad thing.