How the Internet has Made Shopping for Auto Insurance Simple

Prior to the Internet, shopping for car insurance could be a terribly frustrating and difficult experience. Getting more than one quote meant either calling or actually visiting the agents of different companies. All of them promising you exceptional rates and excellent claim handling. Since most agents keep normal business hours, this leg work had to be conducted on the lunch hour or your day off. These hurtles significantly limited the number of quotes it was feasible to get.

Now, by using the Internet you can get a quick rate quote at any time of day or night without ever having to speak to an agent. Additionally, the Internet has created a market for new insurance providers that can offer you lower rates due to the fact they do not need to maintain a sales office in every city they serve.

Regardless of whether you are looking at an established brand or an upstart, rate shopping on the web can be a hassle free experience. Companies that used to require pages of personal information before coming across with an offer now give you estimates after filing in only the most basic information. You can save even more time by using a service that forwards your information to multiple companies at once.

Even if you prefer to deal with an agent, the Internet can still offer value in your comparison. By contacting agents through email, you remain in charge. Agents are reluctant to turn on the pressure tactics when saying ‘no’ is as simple as not hitting the reply button. Having all your offers delivered by email is also quicker than waiting for physical mail from multiple companies before making your decision.

While these are great time savers, they are not the biggest advantage the Internet offers. Doing a quick search on the company you are considering will bring back rants and raves from existing customers. This can help you cut through the hype and see who really delivers. It can also offer you peace of mind if you are considering a newer company over an established brand.

Combine the simplicity of getting multiple quotes with the ability to see the experiences of actual consumers and you end up with a double win for on line car insurance shopping. The savvy consumer will be able to rest easy knowing they are getting a good rate from a company with a history of quality claim handling.