How the Internet has Made Shopping for Auto Insurance Simple

Insuring your car has never been easier, quicker and dare I say, almost bearable. From instant quotes to printable proofs of insurance, shopping for auto insurance on the Internet is just one more example of how the Internet has taken the “teed-off-ness” out of tedious.

Pre-Internet shopping for auto insurance required the arduous task of searching zillions of Yellow Pages listings; selecting the top five; calling each one of them for quotes; choosing one; making an appointment; squeezing in that appointment on a weekday during your lunch hour; filling out oodles of forms; listening to a tired agent’s dissertation on coverage benefits; and finally, after sealing the policy of your nightmares, discovering that there was a more affordable agent right around the corner.

Now the only headache is cost, which, let’s face it, will never change. But at least it will be easy to incur this annual debt with minimal effort and in the privacy of your home at any hour and at your own pace. Open 24 hours 7 days a week, the Internet is your one-stop shopping mall and knowledge base for virtually anything you need. By the time you have your first morning coffee the auto insurance quotes you inquired about have been delivered to your e-mail. You can customize your policy according to your own specific requirements and needs without being stared down and talked up by an insurance agent whose job it is to snag the highest premium. Premiums are costly enough…having more control over how they will effect your wallet makes the whole process a little more bearable.

Upgrades and changes to existing policies are now also easier than ever. Once you have a policy established, you can register with your insurance company’s website and gain access to your policy particulars as well as billing and payment information…all at your fingertips with immediate response. Links and FAQ’s about state and federal insurance regulations and registry requirements provide all the information necessary to ensure you are driving legally and safely wherever you live. Worried about making the deadline for that cancellation notice? Hop on-line and make your payment instantly to ensure your weekend ski trip doesn’t include having to rent a car.

Shopping for auto insurance is like preparing your taxes…you’d rather neither exist but since they do, you’d rather the process be simple, easy and hassle-free. The Internet has made that possible. Now if we could only print out license plates…