How the Size of a Car Effects Car Insurance Quotes

Does Size Matter?  When it comes to cheap car insurance quotes, you bet it does.  The size of a car can actually have an effect on car insurance, though many people do not believe it. 

Skyrocketing gas prices.

These days gas seems to be getting more and more expensive every single day.  Because of this fact more drivers are looking to get reasonably gas efficient cars.  Putting some money in your pocket from saving on gas is not the only way to save money due to the size of a car. The savings on car insurance from vehicle size can also be quite nice.

Why do insurers like these smaller cars? 

One of the main reasons is speed.  No, they do not like them because they go fast, they like them because they do not go fast.  These days a small 4 cylinder car goes fast enough.  You are never going to be forced to go BELOW the speed limit.  But they do not have the capability to go 130-140 MPH as some big cars with huge engines can.   An insurers nightmare probably consists of their insured passengers rushing around at 130 MPH late at night.

Another benefit of smaller vehicles

More economical vehicles mean they are also less “flashy” than “speedy” vehicles.  This reduces the temptation to rush all around town, showing how “fast” your car is.  Less rushing around means less tickets.  Less tickets means that there is less RAISING of car insurance from tickets.  So statistically-wise this is another way that a small car can lower the cost of car insurance.  Because the owners get less tickets on average.

Reasons why some small models cost less to insure:  Insurance and Safety.

Often smaller cars are also “family” cars.  This means that a premium is often put on safety.   Increased safety means that less people get hurt.  This lowers the cost to the insurance companies which can be passed on to the customers.

Reasons why some small models cost less to insure:  Theft

Theft and damage are a major factor in car insurance comprehensive coverage.  It is a proven fact that thieves are less likely to steal smaller vehicles.  Smaller vehicle size leads to lower insurance company expenditures.  These Lower costs are able to be returned to the customer in through price reductions.  Of course it is also nice not to have to deal with a stolen car.

You see, size really does matter.  It makes a lot of sense to go small with a vehicle.  From costs for insurance and gas to theft and safety concerns; small and economical are where it is at.