How to Acquire a Sale Tax Deed Effectively

If property owners do not pay their required property taxes, the County Tax Collector will sell a Tax Certificate that is in relation to the property not in compliance. The purpose of a tax sale of a property is for the local government to acquire the property tax due to them. Below you will find the materials that you will need along with the steps you will have to take in order to ensure that your purchase in the sale of a tax deed property can result in being a profitable investment.

Title reports Maps Appraisal sheets Bid sheet Bidder number card

Step 1: Research tax property sales in the specific areas that you are interested in purchasing property. You can often achieve this task mostly from the comfort of your own home.

Step 2: Travel physically to the address of the property that you are interested in investing. Consider not only the physical appearance of your perspective home or building but as well the location of property.

Step 3: Obtain title information report from any local Title Company on the property or properties that you are interested in investing.

Step 4: Find out where the sale or auction of properties will occur as well as the specific date and time sale of properties will begin.

Step 5: Bid for the property or properties that you are interested in investing.

Step 6: Make certain to sign and complete fully all necessary documents required.

It is always encouraged for anyone interested in a County or Treasurer’s sale to consult an attorney before actually bidding on a specific property, as the County or Treasurer does not provide legal advice concerning a sale. Be aware that the County is not responsible to give information concerning the physical conditions of a specific property. It is always a good consideration to take a professional with you when physically visiting the property or properties you may be interested in investing.

It is wise that you make sure to do your proper research concerning a property. Make sure to find out who else may have viable interest in a property besides the current owner such as a lien holder, so you may determine if the property will be a wise investment for your specific needs. Be concerned not only in the physical appearance of the property but as well in the location of property due to possible environmental or hazardous waste liabilities.