How to Appeal a Tax Dispute

If for some particular reason you are not completely thrilled with a U.K. tax credit decision, then it’s possible that you may be entitled to appeal against it. According to HM Revenue & Customs you should aim to appeal within 30 days of receiving your tax credit from the Tax Credit Office. There are a few steps that should be taken in order to appeal and the process to doing this should be followed closely in order to get the desired result.

Understanding whether or not you are entitled to appeal against a decision is crucial. There are a few different reasons that may allow you to appeal. If a decision has been wrongly made or if you do not completely agree with a penalty notice then you should think about appealing. Also, if you’ve been overcharged interest in any way or if your circumstances have been overshadowed, these are also valid reasons to appeal.

Before taking action and appealing against a tax dispute you should always contact your local tax office first. This way, the tax office may see that the decision for your tax dispute was unnecessary or wrong in some way. This allows you to resolve your differences easily, rather than appealing for a formal dispute. You should be able to find the contact details for the Tax Credit Helpline by contacting your tax office or researching online.

Another way of appealing is to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or appoint an accountant or solicitor to assist you with your dispute. It’s recommended to try all options before formally disputing however, you should be aware that it can cost a fee if you wish to opt for gaining help from an accountant or solicitor.

It is essential to complete your appeal in writing, and this can be done in a number of ways. You may send the Tax Credit Office a letter regarding what you have discovered about your tax credit decision. Alternatively, you can fill out a Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit form and explain the reasons for your dispute. Always remember that the only person who can appeal will be the individual who has been receiving the tax credits. If you are part of a couple who is appealing against a tax dispute, just one of you will need to appeal.

Following your appeal, the Tax Credit Office should take the time to look over your circumstances and come to a conclusion. If you are happy with this decision then the process is complete. However, if you are not happy with the ultimate decision it is possible to take your case to an independent tribunal for further discussions.