How to Avoid a Strained Marital Relationship during Difficult Economic Times

Couples, especially the newly-weds, most likely know the vows they uttered during their wedding. But of those who chose to repeat the vows they hear from their minister or the officiant, some may tend to forget that they vowed to be with their wife or husband-to-be “for richer, for poorer.” While it is not a common case, some may opt to leave their significant other for the benefit of either both or self.

Times are hard. With the economy slowing down, prices are rising but salaries aren’t. Those who aren’t ready to deal with financial crises may face problems. This goes double for families, even with one or both parents working, as they have to provide not only for themselves – unlike most single working individuals – but for their children. Couples may argue about many things, but one of the most volatile of arguments stems out from money issues. Rich or poor, the strength of any couple’s relationship can be tested by issues which came from problems with money.

So, how can a couple stay strong even through the rough economic situation they face?

The first way they can do this is through communication. The difference in work hours or lack of time to even sit down and talk may cost any couple their relationship unless they find a way to communicate, especially about important matters. Before marriage, a couple may spend their time dreaming of the future and talking about it to their future spouse. After the wedding, without that solid foundation they built together through communication, everything might crumble while they are too busy starting a family.

The second way a couple can withstand a financial crisis is through planning. When planning, they not only communicate with their spouse, they also provide insight to each other on how to keep afloat amidst financial problems. Planning involves looking through every detail regarding their economic situation – their finances, their expenses and how to reduce the latter while increasing the former. By planning, they may achieve peace of mind and further achieve a sense of security upon acting on the next part, which is preparing.

By preparing, a couple employs the first and second ways. Through this, they devise a method that through implementation builds financial security, and reduces the chance of having to face marital issues because of economic conditions. The one way any couple can avoid straining their marital relationship is by having a peace of mind, even when facing tough financial problems.