How to Avoid Cell Phone Contracts

Cell phones have been floating around the technology market for years now. Each type of phone offers new features that telecommunications companies hope you cannot live without. It is true that cell phones allow people to communicate from just about anywhere. Another nice feature about cell phones is the text messaging; people can send a few quick words without having to actually make a phone call. 

The downside to having a cell phone is that you have to sign up for a plan, which means signing a contract. The “devil is in the details” adage really applies to those pesky contracts. Most service providers require a two year contract and if you somehow breach that contract, it will cost you big bucks. You can either sign your contract and basically be happy with it, or you can figure out ways to avoid the cell phone contract altogether.

No cell phone

One way to get around signing a cell phone contract is by not having a cell phone. Plain and simple solution to a rather stressful problem. If you do not want to go through the hassle of a high pressure sales pitch or the torment of trying to figure out which plan you need/want, then don’t do it. Just forego the cell phone altogether.

Some people find it rather liberating to go somewhere and not have their phone squawking at them the whole time. There are those that view cell phones as a sort of invasion of personal time. It is true if you think about it; with a cell phone people can reach you any time. They can interrupt you during dinner, family time or your relaxation time. Maybe not having a cell phone is a good idea after all!

Pre-paid cell phone

With pre-paid cell phones, you do not have to sign a contract and still get access to most of the cool features like Internet, texting and camera. Some companies allow you to purchase a data plan for a month at a time without a contract. The choice of phones is not as good as going with a regular plan, but they are comparable. 

Pre-paid phones are great for people that do not use their phones a whole lot. They can use it when they want to and not have to pay when they do not use it. 

Home phone/voicemail

The good old reliable landline has almost become obsolete in the modern home. The cell phone has pretty much replaced this once necessity. The good news is that the landline will not completely fade into gadget obscurity because there are still uses for it. Businesses use landlines and so do some consumers. 

The nice thing about the landline is that you can leave it at home when you go out and retrieve your voicemail when you get back. In some people’s opinion a landline is more reliable than a cell phone. 

No matter if you are a gadget fanatic or technologically challenged, read the fine print before signing any cell phone contract. It is a good idea to know exactly what you are getting yourself and your bank account into before you sign. 

You may just figure out that you want to avoid signing on that dotted line. There are all sorts of fees, taxes and even hidden fees associated with most cell phone contracts; plus service providers have the right to change things without giving proper notice.