How to Barter for a Bargain

One way some people get services or goods for little or no money is by bartering. If you have hobby or service that would be of interest to others, you may want to consider offering your service for either a discount or free item.

This would likely work mainly with locally owned businesses. Most major chains do not have the authority to barter for goods and services. But with a local business, it may also be a way for them to get services done without costing them extra money.

Any kind of services and talents can be traded for other services.  Even if you do know how to do something, it might be worth it to you to have someone else do it either because you don’t care to do it or someone else may have equipment to make it easier.

Following are some examples of services that can be traded.

• Haircuts
• Landscaping
• Cooking
• Babysitting
• Graphic designing
• House cleaning
• Sewing and alterations
• Photography
• Massage therapy

There are many other options to add to this list.

You may be able to trade your services with someone who does another service instead of either of you needing to pay someone else to do the service for you. 

Some sources to find bartering opportunities are Craigslist, bartering groups in your area on Facebook and word of mouth. Let friends and family know that you are interested in trading services for things other people may be able to offer you.

If you are planning on bartering with someone on a regular basis, it is advised to have a contract or some kind of agreement. The agreement can include how often you will trade services, what you will be trading and what you expect in return. By having an agreement, you have in writing what is expected from each party so one doesn’t get short changed.

Before entering into a contract, it may be wise to have one or two sessions to make sure you are satisfied with the job they do and want to keep on with the agreement. If you are not interested in continuing it may be important to let them know and why so they can make the changes to do a better job. Even though you are not paying for the services, you should still be satisfied with the service.

If you are looking for a way to save money on items or services, you should consider bartering.