How to Barter when Money is Problematic

Bartering used to be a way of life. Farmers would barter with the doctor for a doctor visit, grocers would barter with the farmer for produce, and neighbors would barter services with one another. Bartering in modern society is still alive and well if one knows how to go about it. Bartering is a great way to get services without needing any money at all. Bartering also embraces green living since one isn’t creating more refuse but rather trading goods and services and often following the old adage, “one mans loss is another mans treasure”.

What to offer as barter

Special skills, produce, sewing, housekeeping skills are all great things to barter. Anything that can be traded for something needed is a good option for the barter system. Many people will share such items as lawn mowers, rototillers and other items that aren’t used on a daily basis. Bartering is fun and easy to do, and a great way to save on money while still getting a job or needed service done.

What others have to offer

Friends, family and neighbors are great to barter with. Perhaps a neighbor is great at plumbing and some plumbing work is needed. The plumber may on the other hand, require some electrical work and be willing to barter services for said work.

Local businesses

Many local businesses engage in the barter system. Perhaps they need some painting done in exchange for some goods they carry. Take a deep breath and remember, it never hurts to ask or offer the barter idea to the shop owner.

Resorts and camps

Consider offering maintenance skills, housekeeping skills, cooking skills or other skills in exchange for a weeks stay. Many campgrounds use campground hosts and allow the host to park their trailer there in exchange for so many hours worth of work per day or week.

Use the internet
With the dawn of the internet came a whole new way of life. Many sites promote bartering and offer ways to trade services between individuals and businesses alike.

Bulletin boards

Consider advertising on local bulletin boards for what is needed and what can be offered in exchange.

Everyone barters differently, but with a little bit of practice anyone can barter successfully. Get to know a local community and local businesses, and find out what can be traded or bartered for services. Many successful people have gained their success through bartering.