How to be a Smart Housewife

Being a housewife doesn’t have to be a bad idea. Nowadays there are many educated and efficient housewives.Here’s how you could be a smart housewife and save money.

Plan your journey.  Pay utilities bill, loan and do shopping after sending the kids to school. With internet access its even easier to shop and make payments. Opt for a smaller car to reduce petrol consumption  if you need to travel quite far daily. Petrol prices fluctuate these days which can affect family budget.

Cook at home. Even a simple dish is delicious if cooked at home. It’s clean and without/little preservatives. Eat out once in a while. Cook for your guest. You will be surprised to see how much you can save by cooking your family meals especially those with many growing up children. There are plenty of cooking tips and simple recipes online. Bake simple birthday cakes for your kids. My kids like whatever cakes I bake for them. Later try a more improved recipes. The kids can even get involve in the baking, cooking and washing. This way they learn to be independent, responsible and even learn the value of money. If possible grow your own vegetables and herbs. Choose the type that’s easy to take care. Home grown vegetables are not only fresh, juicy but pesticides free too. Give it a try then you will know the difference.

Reduce utilities bill. This doesn’t mean you are not allowed to switch on the lights or tape water. It means switch on when necessary. There are many ways to save water and electricity at the same time help save the planet. Rain water for example, (especially places that receive a lot of rain) can be used to water the plants, wash the car and wash the school shoes. 

Smart buying. Avoid impulse buying and magical scams. Plan what need to be bought. Buy when there are discounts. Sale/discounts is happening every weekend. Make use of membership cards to enjoy an even better bargains. Needed items must be a priority on your shopping list.

Take up a hobby. Hobbies can be an attractive income. Cooking, baking, sewing, writing are some of the examples. It can be done at home and anytime. Marketing can be done online and offline. Words of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. Just make sure that the product is truly yours, Participating in the community activities will give you the chance to promote your hobbies.

A little effort and changes are not painful thus worth trying. It only needs some adjustments in lifestyle and attitude. Lets make a housewife job an enjoyable, satisfying and smart one.