How to be Wise with your Supermarket Spending

How to be wise with your supermarket spending requires that you engage in forward planning, self-discipline and a little bit of personal psychology.

Supermarkets exist to make a profit and they are full at all times of fancy displays including tempting offers which they hope the browsing customer will find themselves unable to resist. The items may be reduced in price, or there may be two offered for the price of three, or simply the nature of the display itself may be the marketing ploy. These are just three of the ways in which the supermarket will attempt to entice you to part with your hard-earned cash.

We all know how tempting it can be to take advantage of these offers or succumb to other temptations which we will come across in the natural course of our browsing but if we are in any way serious about being wise with our supermarket spending, we have to guard against such temptations as best as possible.

It is advisable that we set a time each week – or perhaps twice a week – when we are going to do our supermarket shopping. This gives us time to prepare a list of what we are likely to need. Whenever we think of something during the course of the week which we are likely to require, we should add it to this list. In this way, we will efficiently develop a definitive list of what we require from the supermarket and will so far as possible eliminate the need for browsing and subjecting ourselves to those temptations within our path.

When we consider the time at which we are likely to visit the supermarket, we should make this wherever possible soon after a meal time. This is so that we do not visit the supermarket when hungry. This is the psychology aspect of being wise with your supermarket spending. Visiting a supermarket or any food store when hungry will multiply the chances of purchasing something which is not necessarily required several times over.

Where possible, the supermarket shop should be done as quickly as possible. This will be easier where we are familiar with the layout of the store and precisely where the items which we need are likely to be found. This boosts our chances of enforcing that self-discipline which may be required in order to prevent us partaking of any of those tempting offers.

Being wise with your supermarket spending is therefore an ongoing process and applies every bit as much to the time before visiting the supermarket as during the visit. These techniques should assist anyone looking to reduce or limit their supermarket spending and hopefully make day to day life that little bit easier.