How to become a Billionaire

The best way to become a billionaire is to be born a multi-millionaire and carefully invest your assets to increase your net worth. There are a few other ways to become a billionaire:

Play the lottery every day until you win big. If you only win millions, invest your millions. If you never ever win, at least you tried.

Marry a billionaire. This may not be easy. There are not that many marriageable billionaires, but who knows – you could get lucky.

Be born a billionaire. A few billionaires are born into billions. But you have to be smart and know how to do your own accounting to keep your billions. You will not stay a billionaire by squandering your money.

Invent some useful device, such as the computer, like Bill Gates did, and market it effectively. Bill Gates became a billionaire.

Write a few best-selling books. Once you are a millionaire, start investing.

Write a screenplay and make sure to find a producer for your screenplay. Once you have sold your screenplay, begin investing.

Investing to become a billionaire:

The best way to becoming a billionaire is to already be a multi-millionaire. You then must carefully invest in the stock market, the exchange market, and real estate.

The exchange market is the best way for a multi-millionaire to become a billionaire overnight. Carefully studying exchange rates and doing forwards is actually an easy way to increase your net worth considerably. George Soros became a billionaire overnight with his speculation into the exchange rate markets and hedge funds.

Exchange rate investing is only profitable if you have millions to invest. Because you make money on fractions of pennies on the dollar. This is also a non-risk investment.

It is important for multi-millionaires intent on becoming billionaires to always pick low-risk investments.

The stock market is more risky than the exchange market. But if you carefully study the stock market and pick steady, high-yield, low-risk stocks, you could reap enormous rewards of net worth.

Real Estate is low-risk. Even if there are economic downturns, holding on to your real estate will improve your assets in the long run. You can’t loose with a few real estate holdings in your portfolio.

The best way to maintain your billionaire status is to keep a diversified portfolio, keep on top of your investments, and know how to do your own accounting.

A few billionaire investors:

* Warren Buffet – worth $62 billion

* George Soros – worth $7.2 billion

* Carl Icahn – worth 8.5 billion

These billionaires are however, self-made, having started from nothing or a lot less than multi-millionaires. In other words they didn’t start with millions. They first became educated and then used their knowledge, ingenuity, and cleverness to begin amassing their fortunes.

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