How to become an AAA Member

For more than a century, drivers stranded on highways and roadsides because of flat tires, empty fuel tanks and engine problems have welcomed the sight of arriving AAA trucks.

The non-profit American Automobile Association provides that type of help and many other services for club members. Known familiarly as Triple A, it has facilities in all U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Currently, there are more than 50 million club members who depend on AAA services for roadside emergency assistance, as well as travel information, insurance, hotel discounts and many other related auto travel needs. Some of the benefits of being an AAA member include:

1. Insurance: AAA offers various types of automobile, home, travel, life, medical and other types of insurance. Some coverages are included at no extra cost as part of membership plans, while others may be purchased for special commercial and other additional coverages.

2. Trip information: Many AAA centers also have retail stores where members may purchase various trip-related products and detailed trip information booklets and maps. When booking a trip through an AAA representative, travelers may be given maps with specific routes and suggested stops along the way can be custom detailed.

3. Reservations and discounts: Members may qualify for  discounts at hotels, motels, rental car agencies, cruises and tourist attractions. Many banks, retail stores and auto repair shops will accept AAA membership cards as proof for honoring checks and other financial transactions.

4. Roadside assistance: In addition to sending out trucks for tire or engine help, AAA mechanica will bring extra gasoline for drivers who neglected to anticipate running out of fuel before heading out on the highway.

For cars that cannot be repaired or restarted on the road, AAA trucks provide towing. Another service is for drivers who’ve lost their keys or left them in their locked cars. The toll free number for all member emergencies is 800-AAA-HELP.

Crime Prevention: The AAA provides members with constantly updated information about ways to keep themselves safe from potential crimes while traveling. As part of insurance coverage, AAA offers cash rewards of up to $2,000 for information reported to police that results in apprehending car thieves and vandals.

There are many benefits of being a AAA member. If you’re new to driving, have a new car or just want to make sure you’re covered whenever you’re on the road, check into AAA membership at