How to Boost your Income over the Christmas Holiday

The Christmas season seems to find some people a little short on cash each year. It is rather funny that the money shortage always happens right before the big holiday, leaving people unsure of how to manage bills as well as preparing for the the coming festivities. 

Whether you are low on gift money or just low on money in general, there are several ways you can get some cash flowing for that last minute shopping. 


Christmas time is the perfect time to bake all sorts of delicious treats. You can sell some of your wonderful creations at bake sales, swap shops on the radio or even create your own little business right out of your kitchen. There are some super busy people who will pay good money for yummy homemade treats.

The reasons baking can bring in a decent amount of extra money are simple: people are too busy to bake their own and some people just enjoy homemade treats. You can decorate the treats and even package them in festive disposable containers. 

Seasonal job

Many places hire seasonal workers to help them through the holiday chaos. Places like restaurants, retail stores and flower shops often hire extra staff due to an increase in business before and right after Christmas. You can also try places that sell Christmas trees, outdoor decorations and lighting and snow shoveling services. 

The Christmas season is a great time to look for part time work to get that extra money flowing. The thing to keep in mind is seasonal jobs mean just that, seasonal. The job will more than likely be over after Christmas or perhaps New Year.  

Gift wrapping service

This is another neat little side business you can run out of your home. You can offer to wrap people’s gifts for them. You will have to offer a “wrap while you wait” deal; after all, strangers are not necessarily going to trust you with their gifts alone! You might just be surprised at how many people might use a gift wrapping service rather than have to do it all themselves.

If your gift wrapping service goes over well, then you might just have a new side job each year for all those special occasions that come up! You may want to practice a little before you start advertising your wrapping service. You will want to be as professional as possible.  


This is a good way to earn extra money, if you enjoy being around children. Parents can drop them off with you while they do their Christmas shopping. Guidelines vary state to state so you will want to find out if you need a daycare license before accepting more than one babysitting job at a time.

Children can be such a joy and during the magic of the holiday season, even more so. Keep the ages of the children in mind and have appropriate entertainment for them (coloring books, toys, kid friendly movies, etc). 

These are some suggested ways to earn extra money during the Christmas season. As long as you keep a smile on your face and a dance in your step, you will find ways to earn extra money (no one wants to hire a sour apple).