How to Borrow Money without Paying Interest

No banks will give you a loan without interest so your only option is someone that is not a bank. ie your friends, parents, co-workers, etc. They will probably not charge you interest as long as you dont borrow too much, but the down side is that money often gets in the way of all sorts of relationships so this is not advisable.

The second way that you can get around intrest is taking out a loan but investing it at a higher percentage that the interest. eg you take a loan for 1000$ at 5% for one year, canada savings bonds are guarnteed 5% so if you take the 1000$ and get a canada savings bond then you will not have to pay any interest. This however is a really useless thing to do, so the interest on your investment has to be higher than the interest on your loan. This can be accomplished in the stock markets, but it is very risky.

Credit cards are not free money, you get money for nothing, but there is extremely high interest on credit cards. You can move your balance around but this will just make what you have to pay back larger and eventually you will have to pay interest or have your things taken away… which means that you dont have to pay anything, but you will have your credit ruined and you will not be able to do it again. If you pay with your credit card and pay the money back before the deadline no interest will be charged to you. But assuming you want to make money instead of spend it this is not the thing to do. In the case of special offers like 0% for the first 6 months, there is fine print that says you must make purchases after the six months or you will be charged full interest on your previous balance.