How to Break your Bad Money Habits

It is all too common for people to overspend, and purchase items they cannot really afford. Large debt can occur, and it can be very difficult to pay back credit cards due to not having the necessary funds to do so.

There are ways to overcome bad money habits, but all require discipline and an alternative attitude.

If there is an item that one comes across then they should attempt to ask themselves if they really need it. Overspenders are so used to having that frame of mind where they tell themselves that they want something rather than need it, yet, the novelty wears off from having these items rather quickly. When coming across an item, always think if it is needed rather than wanted. This new attitude can take time to adjust to, but over time bad money habits should improve.

It is also a good idea to never carry cash. Having cash on your person can strongly tempt one to spend money on items they usually do not require. Only carry cash if it is important, and pay for most things via a credit card.

Regarding credit cards, always get sufficient enough information on how much you are supposed to pay back and when. Before committing to credit card purchases, think long and hard about if you can definitely pay back the amount that you owe. If not, it is best not to let the temptation get to you, and leave the purchase.

Take away food can be very expensive. And a lot of people eat take away food. Think about whether you can actually buy the same food cheaper in supermarket stores. You are almost guaranteed to purchase the same food, but for much less money. If it is a special occasion, then that is fine, but it is important to not make it an every day life style habit.

Sit down and take some time to calculate your inflow and outflow. That is, your income and expenditure. You may just be surprised at what goes out! If more goes out than what comes in, then evaluate the reasons why this is happening. If it is due to bad spending habits, this may be just what one needs to realize that they need to be more disciplined with money.

When food shopping, try doing it online. There are many different items, especially at checkout, whose placement is designed to tempt customers to purchase. When food shopping online, the chances of being tempted to purchase items by impulse are minimized. If you decide to food shop inside a store, write down a list of items that you specifically need, and stick to that list! If you checkout, and see an item that does attract an impulse, try and think outside the circle a little. Think about the fact that these items are purposely placed the way they are to get you to buy them. This can be a useful technique as you will then start to think about these useless items as bad. Only purchase items in a supermarket that are needed in your life. Not wanted!