How to Buy Life Insurance Online

Purchasing life insurance online can be confusing; there are several things you need to know before you start the process.

This easy, step-by-step guide will take you from beginning to end to help avoid snags and surprises that can catch you off guard.

1. Select which agency you’d like to work with. Coverage and rates vary greatly, so a little online comparison shopping goes a long way! You need to find a reputable, established organization that lives up to their promises; check their status with the Better Business Bureau and your state’s Insurance Commission before beginning any transactions.

2. Gather all the necessary documents. You’ll need Social Security numbers (yours and the beneficiary’s), medical records (if required by your specific policy), and your payment information.

3. Be prepared to click, click, and click! When you’ve chosen the right company, visit their web site and select the option to apply. You’ll be asked for your name, birth date, and e-mail address. Once you’ve filled that in, it’s time to delve into your medical history. Most companies will be very thorough – including questions about tobacco and alcohol use as well as evaluating your risk-taking habits.

When you’ve successfully filled out the questionnaire, you’ll receive your quote and the option to buy. Even if you’re satisfied with the online experience, it’s a good idea to call the company directly and purchase over the phone – this will help avoid any confusion regarding your new policy. The representative you speak to should be able to pull up the record that you just submitted, so you won’t have to back-track and answer the same questions twice.

Saving time and money is what purchasing life insurance online is all about; following these steps will help ensure you’re getting the best deal available for your needs.