How to Buy Organic Fruit and Vegetables on a Tight Budget

Grocers today are stocking more and more organic produce. Some markets are specializing in organic produce and others have at least a section of organic produce available for customers. So how does one find the best deals and stay within a budget? Here are a few tips to get started.

Budget groceries

Figure out the weekly, biweekly or monthly grocery budget and plan meals accordingly. Once meals are planned organize a shopping trip to the most convenient place on this list for fruits and vegetables. Be flexible and willing to use what is in season and what is available. Menus should be flexible for this reason.

Farmers market

Farmers markets specialize in organic fruits and vegetables. From the farm to the consumer these foods are rarely sprayed with chemicals or other substances that would disqualify them from being organic. Check out several farmers markets and get to know the vendors. Vendors love to talk about their favorite topic, their farms. Get them talking and check back throughout the day. Often at the end of the day they are more than willing to steeply discount leftover fruits and vegetables in order to not have to cart them back home.

Local farmers

Buy direct from the farm. Check with farmers markets, local folks, online, at the local coffee shop and with anyone else around for farmers that will sell direct from the farm. Get to know the farmers and let them know what you’re looking for. Chances are that if they don’t grow it, they know someone who does and will readily pass this information on to the consumer. Establish a rapport with the local farmers, in time some may even be willing to barter with the consumer.

Grow them

If no farmers markets or local farmers are available and the local grocer doesn’t carry anything organic at a decent price grow them at home. If gardening isn’t a happy subject study up online and learn a few easy gardening tips to make it easier. Start small with just a few crops and work up to a larger garden by adding one or two more crops each year. This is an easily obtainable goal for most homeowners, renters and even apartment dwellers.

Most people live in an area where buying organic fruits and vegetables is easily accessible and not out of the way. Organic foods are considered healthier due to less chemicals and processing in their preparation.